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Seroquel IV: Bipolar Depression

Seroquel III: What is in A Name?

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"Don't Just Say Hi" On The Hacker Slack..and other Change Healthcare Stories

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BREAKING!: Second Ransomware Attack on Change Healthcare

The Frontier Psychiatrists...LIVE! May 5th, 2024

The Trial of Dr. Alan Emamdee I

At a Bare Minimum, How About We Make Euthanasia a Choice that Precludes Doing a Ton of Media About Your Choice to Die by Euthanasia?

Personality Disorders Exist

The End of Bromance

Essential Oils for Depression: Yes, Really


How Big of A Deal Are Psychedelic Medicines Likely to Be?

Whence, Placebo? Controlled Trials Beyond Double Blind RCTs

Nutritional Ketosis for Bipolar Disorder


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Should Be Covered by Medicaid: An Argument

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Ask the Laws Of The House of God About Change Healthcare

Published! Psychedelic Medicines For Primary Care

Akathisia from Meditation!?

Abilify VI: Compulsive Behavior Lawsuits

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Abilify IV: Akathisia

Abilify III: Bipolar Disorder (Depression)

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Can We Prevent Psychosis With...Fish Oil?

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I Explained The Pandemic to Myself: Episode 5

TMS is Better Than Drugs*

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Are You A Dog Person or An Increased Risk of Schizophrenia Person?

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Chronic Cough: Diagnosis, Management, and...It Sucks

Are Oral Psychiatric Medicines Driving Obesity?

Change (Healthcare) My Mind!

Change Healthcare: Apocalypse Now!

UnitedHealth Group Paid $22m to Scammers...Which Was Also A Scam

Daring Cyberattack Elicits 0.0067% Of UnitedHealth Group Annual Revenue in Ransom Payment

An Open Letter To Ransomware Hackers Attempting to Extort United Healthcare

An Imagined Town Hall With BlackCat Regarding Their Change Healthcare Extortion Process

I Finally Went Viral on TikTok!

An Open Letter to EHR Company "Luminello," Regarding Selling Out to the Man.

UnitedHealth Group's Optum Announces Acquisition of BlackCat RaaS Platform.

Change Healthcare is a Big Enough Problem for United Healthcare to Notice.

The Forgotten Horrors of Tardive Dyskinesia

What if We Didn't Blow The Horn?

Change Healthcare...In What Direction, Though?

"Interventional Psychiatric Care" Needs To Include A Feeling of "Being Cared For"

"My Precious": Specialty Psychiatry EHR Luminello Shuts Down

My High-School Advisor was Arrested for Child Pornography

The Casual Sadism of Suicide Prevention

An Open Letter to Parents, Regarding Childhood Vacations

Today in Poorly Targeted Scams

Tr*mp's Financial Hell Through Automatic Defamation Judgments

Reasonable Accommodations

Medicine for Nightmares

Magnesium-Ibogaine in Veterans With TBI and PTSD

Learn to Read Science, Part 2: CATIE Continued

Can Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) be an On-Ramp for Help?

A Firm Science

Learn to Read Science Part 1: The CATIE Trial

The Death of My Sister



Lawsuits for Health Plan Scams Have Begun!

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Vampires Sue LifeStance Health for Theft of Intellectual Property

Psychedelic Medicine For Primary Care?

The Best As-Of-Yet-Unannounced App for the Apple Vision Pro?

I Wrote A Piece of Fiction Today

The Farmhouse

Get the Word Out: Preprints, Peer-Review, and It's Discontents

Building Nothing Out Of Something

Innovation In Execution: Disrupting Death?

The Frontier Psychiatrists Appear on The Soft White Underbelly

The Amended Complaint

Of Cycles and Bipolar Disorder

Balrog Associate Agreement (BAA)

Introducing: Moral Health

My Time With The Founder of 8Chan

Trauma Therapy You Don't Need To Talk About

Reading An Open Letter To My Bipolar Disorder

King MacBeth Sees Me For Therapy

The Breaking of the Fellowship...of the Oura Ring

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Are High-Dose Antipsychotics More Deadly Than Fentanyl in Kids?

An Offer, Withdrawn...

Benzos (benzodiazepines) Are Associated With Death By Suicide.

First Breaks

Synesthesia of Distress And Other Stories: A Q&A with Owen Scott Muir

Rapid Acting Treatment = Better Compliance

Illegal Drugs Issue Rare Joint Statement Distancing Themselves From Elon Musk

The ICU is Traumatic For Everyone

People I Mostly Admire...

A SHIFT in The Possible: fMRI Guided Brain Stimulation Crosses a New Threshold

What Are the Side Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment?

"Bad Sleep:: -1"

Rapid Acting Mental Health Treatment is Here...Are You Ready?


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