Trauma Therapy You Don't Need To Talk About

A conversation about the PRISM System for PTSD with Jeremy Fox, P.C.

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I checked in with Jeremy Fox, P.C., about a new FDA-cleared device, the PRISM system by GrayMatters Health. This is a treatment modality for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that doesn't require talking about your trauma!

is one of my favorite trauma therapists, so I called him to discuss.

This is now offered at four sites in the US, and Fermata in Brooklyn, NY, is one of them. I discuss the experience of having PTSD myself and the role of trauma exposure in medical training and practice.

I do the quick version of explaining the Prism System in 50 seconds here…

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A special thanks to the team at Graymatters Health, who visited our offices for deployment this past week!

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