"Can Anxiety Can Be Over?": MM-120, an LSD Analog Phase IIb Data in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Released!

A conversation with Jeremy Fox, P.C. and Owen Muir, M.D. about a groundbreaking trial.

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The Frontier Psychiatrists started as a room in Clubhouse, and one of the people who made that awesome was Jeremy Fox, P.C. He joins me today for this video podcast to chat about the groundbreaking phase IIb data released by Mind Med today:

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MM-120 100 µg – the dose achieving the highest level of clinical activity – demonstrated a 7.6-point reduction compared to placebo at Week 4 (-21.3 MM-120 vs. -13.7 placebo; p<0.0004; Cohen’s d=0.88). Clinical Global Impressions - Severity (CGI-S) scores on average improved from 4.8 to 2.4 in the 100 ug dose group, representing a two-category shift from ‘markedly ill’ to ‘borderline ill’ at Week 4 (p<0.001). This clinical activity was observed to be rapid and durable beginning on Day 2 and continuing through Week 4 with no loss of activity observed on either HAM-A or CGI-S.

“We are excited by the strong positive results for MM-120 in GAD, particularly given that this is the first study to assess the standalone drug effects of MM-120 in the absence of any psychotherapeutic intervention. These promising findings represent a major step forward in our goal to bring a paradigm-shifting treatment to the millions of patients who are profoundly impacted by GAD,” said Robert Barrow, Chief Executive Officer and Director of MindMed.”

Jeremy and I discuss MM-120, SAINT neuromodulation, and why BIG effect size interventions that work fast matter in Medicaid populations!

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