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Can Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) be an On-Ramp for Help?

Owen Muir and Jeremy Fox Discuss!

The Frontier Psychiatrists started as a “room” on Clubhouse, and in this podcast, I am joined by one of our favorite contributors

! He joins me today to discuss how employee assistance programs can create the on-ramp to help and what might improve that process.

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I want to mention that another validated vendor in the mental health arena is joining my team at Acacia Clinics to have independent validation of our claims of being the best! I’m thrilled that my friends at Spring Health have achieved the coveted “savings validation” from Validation Institute!1

If you have been following the news of ERISA enforcement, this is important news. Employers need to get serious about providing better healthcare at a lower cost. Independent validation takes some pressure off when selecting the right vendors to make up a high-performing health plan. Why do I care, as a doctor, about health plans? Because great health plans are better for patients!

Here on substack,

and are on this beat as well, and I’d recommend a read!

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I have no financial relationship with Spring Health, but I have had dinner with their CMO, and he’s a great dinner guest.

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The Frontier Psychiatrists
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