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The End of Bromance

How the internet and pandemic destroyed male friendships, and what we can do about it

The Frontier Psychiatrists started as a Creator First show on the ill-fated clubhouse app. One of our favorite guests was the remarkable

(Jeremy Fox, LPC), an EMDR therapist with a passion for working with men around their actual problems. One of those is the loss of normative friendships among men—15% of men report no close friendships at all. This corrosion of close relationships is an accelerating problem for both individual men and society.

Today’s episode of the podcast includes both the video above and pushes the audio to the podcast feed!

Prior writing on the value of friendships and what we can do about that includes articles such as:

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A Conflict of Interest Disclosure Regarding My Picks for SXSW

The Future of Brain Health?

Announcing: May 5th, 2024…

Rapid Acting Mental Health Treatment NYC 2024

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It’s a night of thrilling conversations about the future of mental health. It features speakers from…Videra, MDHub, Osmind, Neurosigma, iRxReminder, and…Lykos Theraputics!

More info to come…but it’s the second IRL The Frontier Psychiatrists event, and we could not be more excited to have you!


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