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Top Scam Messages of 2023

Five Articles I Wrote In 2023... You Were Too Busy To Read!


Is Private Equity Acquisition of Hospitals a Sentinel Event?

Secrets are Pathogenic

I Think I Finally Get It's A Wonderful Life

Mushrooms: The Original Christmas Miracle?

The Remind-er! An Interview with Anthony Sterns of iRxReminder

Planetary, Intergalactic.

60% of Adults Will Have a Holiday Hook-up?!? Clickbait for a Lonely Planet.

I Love

I Was Today Years Old When Suicide Became a Sentinel Event*

Avoidance of Writing That Requires Sustained Mental Effort

Matthew Perry Was Classy

"Can Anxiety Can Be Over?": MM-120, an LSD Analog Phase IIb Data in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Released!

That is So Random: A Frontier Psychiatrists Guest Post!

Ramon Lizardo, M.D. talks Disability, and Raising Your Kids Right

Writing Every Day: You Won't Read it All, Which Is The Point.

I Am Proud of My Daughter

Psychiatric Munchausen (Factitious Disorder) By Proxy

Distract and Return Later & The Rewind

Mental Health Court

Requiem for George Santos's Congressional Tenure...and the Concept of a Fixed Reality

Does Sauron Feel Bad About His Job?

Carlene MacMillan, M.D. Joins KevinMD!

The Future of Brain Health?

NTAP Means SAINT Treatment for Depression can be Paid By Medicare in the Hospital

"I Am Determined to Prove A Villain" is Great Theater and Bad Health Care Policy

Alcohol Use Disorder is a Disability According to the US DOJ: Mental Health Parity is Joined by ADA Enforcement?

Dr. Faust Sold His Soul, But Got a Better Deal than Psychopharmacology Offered.

PTSD, EMDR, and TFPs: Jeremy Fox, P.C. Joins for a Conversation About Trauma Therapy and The Brain

The Fire Chief and the Psychiatrist: A Conversation with Chuck DeSmith

A Conversation with Fire Chief Charles DeSmith

Breaking News on the Reason Sam Altman Was Fired

We Shouldn't Fear Artificial General Intelligence more than Human General Intelligence

Owen Scott Muir, M.D. Joins Dr. Drew Pinsky on This Podcast!

Dr. Owen Muir's New Podcast Appearance!

Is "Observational AI" the Next Big Thing?

Thanks To My Readers!

Tiny Telephone: I Recorded the Last Album Before the Pandemic Changed Everything

An Interview with Awais Aftab, M.D of Psychiatry at the Margins

I Explained The Pandemic To Myself: Episode 4

I Explained the Pandemic To Myself: Episode 3

I Explained the Pandemic To Myself: Episode 2

Take Care of Münchausen Syndrome, by Proxy

I Lost My Glasses, But Not My Marbles!

Banned Healthcare Startup Names, 2024

I Explained The Pandemic to Myself: Episode 1


It's Important to Have Friends

The Complex Case Psychiatrist


Invite Your Friends to The Frontier Psychiatrists out of Pure Self-Interest

A Psychiatrist's Visit to Mount Doom

Announcing: Rapid Acting Mental Health Treatment 2024

Private Equity Acquisition of Vampires: Term Sheet Leaked!

A Remarkable Podcast about the History of Amphetamine and ADHD

New Podcast Appearance!

Press Release Round Up!

AACAP Dispatch, Day 2: Don't Break the Blind!

An Imperfectionist Manifesto

AACAP Dispatch: "We Don't Have a Model of Care for Suicidal Children that Works"

Clozapine, Part I

Is Bipolar Disorder a Circadian Rhythm Disorder?

400th Post! This Psychiatrist was Admitted to Inpatient Psychiatry

Watch this Video About AI-Guided Future of Mental Health Care

How Health Care Gets Paid for in America: Part II

How Health Care is Paid For in America: Part I

The Once-Suicidal Psychiatrist...A Self-Disclosure, Deferred.

Discount Subscriptions and Medications?!

The Private Equity Investor Lost His Heart...Literally.

The Psychiatric Nurse...who was once a State Hospital Patient

What Happens When You Make Perfection... a Failure?

"How is that possible?!"

World Mental Health Day

Efrain Bleiberg Explains how to Use Mentalizing to Give a Great Talk

Monarch eTNS update...

The Neuroscience of Fear

Magic Unicorn Therapist Referral, In Network Only

Borderline Personality Disorder Book Club

My Daughter Makes Fun of My YouTube Subscriber Metrics

Frontier Update: Night 3 of Monarch eTNS Use Has Been Awesome


Schizophrenia Is More Dangerous Than A Car Crash, and Treating it Saves Lives

How My Dad Met My Mother





Reassurance is Poison, Sometimes.


Depression Can Be Over In 5 Days...Replicated.

An Interview with Photographer Angela Cappetta


Pandemic Time Capsule Podcast: March 20th, 2020

What can zombies teach us about functional magnetic resonance imaging?

Forward this Email to HR and Ask When Depression Being in Remission Will Be Covered...'Cause SAINT is Here, Now.




The Very First Podcast I Ever Made

Saturday Sounds...


What is Defamation?!

The Best Treatment for Depression in Under One Minute

Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for Borderline Personality Disorder

Friends: A How-To Guide


Why Don't You Drink?


The Most Effective Depression Treatment Ever is an FDA Breakthrough

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Large Language Models

Mental Health Parity Enforcement Made Simple

American Tornado: The Reasonable Officer Standard, Revisited

Fire Has Product-Market Fit That is Undeniable

The Disappointment with Generative Hilariously Human

E-motion Capture: AI missed our intentions by focusing on our words.

We Have Medical Device Treatment to Address ADHD Medication Shortages

Dear Readers, My Screen Cracked!

How I Built A 3 Figure Passive Income by Writing a Newsletter Every Single Day and Also Made Podcasts

Conversations with Carelon, Call #1

How I Built A 3 Figure Monthly Income By Writing a Newsletter!

Fighting Back Against Stalkers: Defamation

"My Readers And I are on the Same Wavelength"

Of Carelon and Care-less: The Sloppy Scam of Elevance Health's PBM

Carelon and Care-Less: Elevance Health, Anthem, Blue Cross is all A Scam

I'm In The Unwellness Space

I'm in the Unwellness Space

Today, it's just a New Song!

An Open Letter to Work Colleagues, Receiving Messages from Out of the Blue, and Requesting Everything Be Dropped For An Important Task...

Medically Necessary Healing, With Marvin Gaye

Record High Death by Suicide Rates: CDC Report

The Defamation Lawsuit, For Reference.

How to Never Work In This Town Again

The Mental Health Crisis has a Solution

That is Risk Management Jeopardy Champion Owen Muir, M.D.

I Ain't Saying It's A Grave Digger, But In Ain't Messing With No Broke Papers

Mentalizing is...A B&ll$h*t Detection Service.

Zuranolone is a Worse Treatment for Post-Partum Depression than Brexanolone

The Science Behind the Best in Class Outcomes in Mental Health*

How to Read Academic Research like a Lazy Pro

The Lord Satan Has A "Great Meeting" With Expensive Consultants.

Mentalizing: When Feelings Equal Facts Can Be A Problem

These Companies Lure You Into Care With This One Weird Trick…

I do actual work other than write this newsletter.

So Someone Has Been Threatening Your Life?: A Guide for the Stalked

Mentalizing: Holding the Mind In Mind

New Podcast Appearance! Owen Muir, M.D. on Sickboy: Talkin' Accelerated TMS

Thrift Shop: How Narrow Networks With High Quality Can Win Mental Health Parity...

So You've Been Cyber Stalked? A Hidden Driver of Mental Health Barriers to Care

No Scrubs: TLC has advice about Mental Health Parity enforcement for the DOL

Why "Savings" Claims Can Be A Scam...and How to Double Check The Math...

Mental Health Parity: What do Shaggy and Big Insurance Have in Common?

LinkedIn Sorcery Report: How A Psychological Model Called "Mentalizing" Drove Engagement...

Neuromodulation is like a Car Wash -- It Works!

Say My Name: The Department of Labor & Destiny's Child Have In Common--CHEATERS WILL BE CALLED OUT!

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Stop Physician Burnout With Handwaving Mechanical Turks!

How Private Equity Convinced Healthcare to Go At Risk On its Integrity

Featured In: Policing Mental Health

The Post

Yes, I Am A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Researcher who was in a Band Called "The Magnets."

Great News! I'm Raising A PE Fund!

Oral Antidepressants...No Thanks.

In Celebration of the Elevance / Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield / CarelonRx / Carelon Earnings Call!

Private Equity Sucks At Running Business of Medicine

Not Everyone Wants to Read About Saint...So Here is A Video Instead.

Mirror Neurons Are Why We Feel "On The Same Wavelength"...

The "First Line" Treatment Trap in Psychiatric Care

How I Became "Suicidal Kids" Therapy Supervisor, with Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT)

How Do I Help Suicidal Kids?

If You Don't Have the Time To Read Epic Snarky Writing on Fiduciary Duty, Here is The Summary In Video in Under 4 Minutes

I Was A Terrible Writer: Proof to Inspire Others to Keep at It

I Explained Healthcare to My Mom...

What did They Venmo and When Did They Venmo it?

Narcissistic Abuse is an Abusive Phrase...for Us All.

Never Raise Money For Your Healthcare Startup

You Would Run Away Too

SopranoRX: "Modern Gangsters"


The AI Knows The Darkness of Our Hearts

Cerebral Class Action Defense Fan Fiction, Dobbs Edition

"The Mental Health Crisis" ...Crisis

What Is OCPD and Do I Need to Worry About Explaining It Perfectly?

The Lord of The Ring's Lament: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Ring

Where There is Smoke: Emergency Medicine's Disaster Match Previews Private Equity Funded Chaos in Healthcare

Frank Feedback For The King of The Nazgûl From Mordor's Interim CEO

I’m afraid I’m going crazy

One Year Of This Newsletter in Review: Reader Favorites!

Dear Psychedelic Exceptionalism...🛑🙏✋

Chapter 6: The Pitch to the Investor

Happy National Insurance Awareness Day!

Invite your friends to read The Frontier Psychiatrists

What the History of Medicine has to say about "All MDMA Therapists Should Take MDMA," a Critique.

How I Write a One Person Daily Newsletter

Can’t Find a Psychiatrist Who Will See You in Network? Now, You Can Sue Your Company!

I'm a Psychic...About Timing of Articles Related to Open Comment Periods Related to Psychedelics.

🛑 Psychedelic Conferences...Might Be a Bad Ad? ✋

The ADA Compliant End of Life Quality Assurance Sphere Strikes Back!

Asynchronous Office Hours

Why I Write

The Last Photo I Took Of My Father

Pizza, Interrupted

The State of our Newsletter is Strong

The Cure For Imposter Syndrome

Generalized Anxiety: A Dissent

Healthcare Book Club!

Your Depression Should be Over Already.

AMAZING NEWS! I Figured Out How to Use Calendly! Join Me For Weekly Office Hours!

I Was Today Years Old When I Realized I'm Related to My Children

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Announces Automated Grievance Process!

Metabolic Syndrome is a Real Illness

Rethinking Heroes

What "Works" For Borderline Personality Disorder: Podcast Edition

What "Works" For Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?

William Osler, M.D. for Psychedelic Medicine Key Opinion Leader

Why Insurance Won't Cover Innovative Treatments for Depression--Answered!

An Open Letter to Every Company from Apple

Understanding Psychiatric Research and Words, A Little Better

If CMS Doesn't Cover Revolutionary Depression Care it--Might Be Your Fault?!?

Swallowing Sharp Objects

It's Open Comment for SAINT Time!

I Love PRMS: Your Med Mal Carrier Matters.

Psychedelics: Why Medical Use and Spiritual Use Are Different

Compliant is the New Disruptive: A Venture Backed Health Playbook

The Future Will Be Neuromodulated: Medication-Free ADHD Treatment is FDA Cleared NOW

Op-Med: My Annual Doximity APA Column Has Arrived.

You Can Cure* Inpatient Psychiatry With this One Weird Open Comment Period

In Celebration of Corrections: This Newsletter Got it Wrong In an Embarrassing Way

In Celebration of This Newsletter

Carelon Legal Responds to ADA Complaint 30 days Past Deadline to Dispute Claim...

Carelon Legal Trolls Twitter To Send Legal Counsel After Plan Members...

Is False Equivalency is the New Precision?

Antipsychotics Should Never be Used For Augmentation In Depression Anymore

Inpatient Psychiatric Care is Paid Differently than All Other Hospital Care

The Future is Boring...and More Exciting than Ever Before

APA Dispatch: Again, I Agree With Scientology*

The Muir-Skee-Lo Emotionally Corrective Equation

Dear Readers...It Was My Birthday.

The Culture Deck for A Remarkable Outpatient Mental Health Practice.

How Opiate Use Disorder Made Our World "The Leftovers"

When it Mattered the Most; My Mother Came Through

9 Shocking AI Prompt Hacks That You WON'T Believe - King of Rohan Swears By Them!

"The One Ring Should Not Be Destroyed"

"Honestly, I Am Terrified I Will End Up In Your Newsletter"

AMAZING NEWS: DEA KICKS CAN DOWN ROAD Regarding Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances.

Remembering Arthur Joseph Muir, My Dad.

Don't Feed the Trolls: Substack's Content Moderation Punt Will Destroy the Platform.

Elon Musk III, King of Twitter, Requests an Invite from Jay of Blue Sky: A Shakespearian Seduction

On the Advent of Coronation of a British Monarch; Richard III Bemoans his Lack of an Invite to BlueSky

Frankenstein and Internet Harassment.

Have Health Benefits Become A Huge Personal Liability For Employers?

A Guide to Missing Out On Blue Sky, The Hot Invite Only App You Are Not On

CTMSS Dispatch: DoNotPay Delivers...

May The Fourth...Raise Serious Compliance Concerns With Lord Vader

Dear Psychedelic Medicine: Congrats on Your AMA CPT Codes! Now, Get More Boring

Compliance With Ethical Standards in Healthcare Isn't Optional

BlueSky Social Has Arrived, and it is Prescription Strength Awesome: Jake Tapper of CNN Reporting.

A Crucial Update on Prescribing Controlled Substances Past May 11th That Explains Everything And Removes All Doubt and Worry

That Time I Did Not Disagree with Scientology: Tardive Dyskinesia Sucks

Sauron Discovers a Founder Ripped off His One Ring IP and Already Applied to YC24

Owen's Letters to The (Healthcare) Hackers

Sometimes Writing Something Good Enough Takes A While

"I Just Can't": Sauron's Darkest Moment as a Founder

Caffeine Intoxicated : A Narrative Medicine Story

Isengard's Half-Orc Program Was A Compliance Nightmare: Satire About AI in Future Litigation

You Shall Not Pass: The Legal Action is Brought

"You Shall Not Pass": A Legal Saga of It's Own

Of Ozempic and Wegovy: Obesity can be an Illness

Are You Sure I’m Not Annoying You? Yes, But OCD is Real!

Incident Report: Problematic 1:1 Meeting between Lord of the Nazgûl and the Mouth of Sauron

Jedi-Level Personalized Dosing of Lamotrigine (Lamictal) in Bipolar Disorder

Nine Riders' Failure to Use 15Five and Set OKR Goals in One Ring Search

The End of The Pandemic Podcast

Missouri's Attorney General Fraudulently Practices Medicine Without a License

It's All About the Employee Handbook

LEVIATHAN announces 15% Growth in Q1 of the End Times.

Series of Emails Reveal Abusive Behavior in Most Senior Nazgûl

After Action Report: Fall of Gandalf and Conflict with Durin's Bane

Risk Memo - Concerns with the Witch King of Angmar's Search Strategy To: Senior Management

The Eye of Sauron Saw Everything...But Subsequent Legal Challenges

"It Appears There Have Been Some Complaints" Mordor Humanoid Resources

Notes: Will We Manifest Hysterical Realism new-Twitter?

The Surprising Solution to Burnout

Predictions About The Future

Requiem For a 🍐: The Tragedy of the Pear Therapeutics Bankruptcy for Suicide Prevention

Drug Shortage Endless Open Comment Period: A Newsletter Experiment

The Lord of the Rings Was An HR Nightmare

Dear Abortion Banning Judges...Stay Out Of Medicine

UnitedHealth Group Makes $330,000,000,000 a Year, And You Can Profit Too!

I Have Nothing to Write About Today.

Rethinking The Eames Chair As An ADHD Med Device

Don't Take My GPT4 Away! A CV Formatting Story

Dear Work My ADHD Would Have Me Avoid...

LinkedIn Unlocked: Discover How I "Skyrocketed" My Engagement Rate to 7.7%!

Regression (to the Mean) Health

National Gag Clause Remembrance Day

The Association of Genies Issues a Dire Warning to Humankind Regarding the Dangers of Unleashed Wishes

The Road to The Crimson City

Live Commentary from the Pro Publica Prior Auth Streaming Event.

Personal Statements Are Embarrassing: Here is Mine!

What Should Parents Say About Mass Shootings?

The Online Reputation Management Hack For Healthcare Professionals

In Praise of Humans: The Heroes of My Verizon Store @ 191 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn.

A Practical Guide for People Who Want to Write More

An Open Letter To My Wife

Value-Based Contracts with Big Payer: A Guide for Health Innovators

SXSW Final: Daniel Johnston had a Psychotic Illness, And Lived His Dreams

Arbitrage: Hard to Find in Finance, and Easy to Find in Healthcare?

Sales to Self-Funded Insurance Plans?: 6 Tips for Healthcare Innovators

Generative Compliance: Absurdities I Was Not Expecting.

Generative Compliance: The Podcast!

Generative Compliance: CarelonRx Complaint + Response in Under 4 Hours

I Have Asked the Mount Sinai Legal Assistance Service to help Me Sue Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Health System, I'm Also Notifying The Internet That Your Website is ADA Non-Compliant

Dear Mount Sinai Health System, I Guess We Are Disputing This Bill In Public?

SXSW Dispatch: Amazing Insights Regarding AI and Psychedelics (Write This Down!)

SXSW Dispatch: Dear Panels on Psychedelics and Health Tech; An Insincere Apology

SXSW Dispatch: An Open Letter to AI re: Advocating For Better DEA Regulations

SXSW Dispatch: Johnson and Johnson is Disrupting by Going-To-Market Successfully.

SXSW Dispatch: Disappointing Smoked Salmon Toast Consumed

SXSW Dispatch: LARPing at the Fake Business Role-play

SXSW Dispatch: BetterHelp Is a Disaster, Will It Destroy Teladoc?

SXSW Dispatch: Breaking News--This Newsletter Files Complaint About Self-same Complaint

SXSW Dispatch: Everything About Hype-Associated AI Risk in One Video

SXSW Dispatch: Psychedelic Medicine Needs to Get Profit Focused.

Escobar Health: Reimagining Cocaine Cartels as Venture-Backed Health Tech.

Alison Muir Decker

SXSW Dispatch: Disrupting Lawns!

Best In Show: Möbius MD is Health Tech for ...Healthcare

Tranq (Xylazine) Reversal Agents Could Save Lives.

The Birth of Biological Psychiatry

Dorothy Meets the Founder and Becomes an Early Adopter.

How Dorothy Utilized Her Care Navigation Solution's Call Center

DEA Controlled Substances Update

From Dark Lord to Healthcare Innovator: Mordor's Surprising New Initiative

The Visit to the Dermatologist

The Cyclone...Insurance Policy

Medicare Advantage is a Scam.

An Open Letter to My Bipolar Disorder

The Best Mental Health Startups That Don't Exist Yet?

Should We Be Universally Screening to Prevent Death by Bolt of Lightning?

Dead Men Don’t Talk, Except When They Do

Does Lithium Prevent Suicide in Bipolar Disorder? An Existential Guide.

Not Romantically Necessary: Prior Auth for Valentine's Dinner, Denied.

How to Create a Fake Mass Movement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Yourself

“The Best Personal Statement of the Year”

Psychiatric Restraint and its Discontents

The New York Post Violates The New York Post's Community Guidelines.

A Revolution in Depression Care? Take a Seat!

We Need To Wash Our Hands of The NY Post and it’s anti-OCD Bigotry

This Cerebral Documentary Leans In Harder Than I Imagined.

Upcoming conference appearances!

If You Have ADHD, These Three Problems Might Be Ruining Your Sleep?

I Just Used AI to File My Equal Opportunity Complaint Against UnitedHealth Group!

A Case for Federal Racketeering Enforcement Against Utah for Anti-trans Hate Crimes?

Cerebral, Etc.: The Guardian Does a Feature Quoting Owen Muir, M.D.

Errors of spelling and grammur are the new black

The Insurgency Will Be Automated: How AI Will Destroy Big Healthcare

Self-Disclosure: Living as Your Authentic Self is Lifesaving Gift

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Healthcare.

How Much Do Neurosurgeons Learn About Adult ADHD?

Leviathan: “We are Proud to Partner With Everything That Is”

A Psychiatrist Copes with Depression After a Miscarriage

An MDs Guide to Super-Charging Your ADHD

You Won’t Believe How Much Procrastination You Can Achieve Just by Reading about Adult ADHD

In Defense of Ted Cruz…

An Open Letter to Everyone Who has Been Nervously Pretending they Know How Medical Imaging Works…

Pandemic Flashback: April 10th, 2020

Psychiatric hospitalization doesn't prevent suicide, according to the data.