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Personal Statements Are Embarrassing: Here is Mine!

What Should Parents Say About Mass Shootings?

The Online Reputation Management Hack For Healthcare Professionals

In Praise of Humans: The Heroes of My Verizon Store @ 191 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn.

A Practical Guide for People Who Want to Write More

An Open Letter To My Wife

Value-Based Contracts with Big Payer: A Guide for Health Innovators

SXSW Final: Daniel Johnston had a Psychotic Illness, And Lived His Dreams

Arbitrage: Hard to Find in Finance, and Easy to Find in Healthcare?

Sales to Self-Funded Insurance Plans?: 6 Tips for Healthcare Innovators

Generative Compliance: Absurdities I Was Not Expecting.

Generative Compliance: The Podcast!

Generative Compliance: CarelonRx Complaint + Response in Under 4 Hours

I Have Asked the Mount Sinai Legal Assistance Service to help Me Sue Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Health System, I'm Also Notifying The Internet That Your Website is ADA Non-Compliant

Dear Mount Sinai Health System, I Guess We Are Disputing This Bill In Public?

SXSW Dispatch: Amazing Insights Regarding AI and Psychedelics (Write This Down!)

SXSW Dispatch: Dear Panels on Psychedelics and Health Tech; An Insincere Apology

SXSW Dispatch: An Open Letter to AI re: Advocating For Better DEA Regulations

SXSW Dispatch: Johnson and Johnson is Disrupting by Going-To-Market Successfully.

SXSW Dispatch: Disappointing Smoked Salmon Toast Consumed

SXSW Dispatch: LARPing at the Fake Business Role-play

SXSW Dispatch: BetterHelp is a Disaster, Will it Destroy Teladoc?

SXSW Dispatch: Breaking News--This Newsletter Files Complaint About Self-same Complaint

SXSW Dispatch: Everything About Hype-Associated AI Risk in One Video

SXSW Dispatch: Psychedelic Medicine Needs to Get Profit Focused.

Escobar Health: Reimagining Cocaine Cartels as Venture-Backed Health Tech.

SXSW Dispatch: Disrupting Lawns!

Best In Show: Möbius MD is Health Tech for ...Healthcare

Tranq (Xylazine) Reversal Agents Could Save Lives.

The Birth of Biological Psychiatry

Dorothy Meets the Founder and Becomes an Early Adopter.

How Dorothy Utilized Her Care Navigation Solution's Call Center

DEA Controlled Substances Update

From Dark Lord to Healthcare Innovator: Mordor's Surprising New Initiative

The Visit to the Dermatologist

The Cyclone...Insurance Policy

Medicare Advantage is a Scam.

An Open Letter to My Bipolar Disorder

The Best Mental Health Startups That Don't Exist Yet?

Should We Be Universally Screening to Prevent Death by Bolt of Lightning?

Dead Men Don’t Talk, Except When They Do

Does Lithium Prevent Suicide in Bipolar Disorder? An Existential Guide.

Not Romantically Necessary: Prior Auth for Valentine's Dinner, Denied.

How to Create a Fake Mass Movement.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Yourself

“The Best Personal Statement of the Year”

Psychiatric Restraint and its Discontents

The New York Post Violates The New York Post's Community Guidelines.

A Revolution in Depression Care? Take a Seat!

We Need To Wash Our Hands of The NY Post and it’s anti-OCD Bigotry

This Cerebral Documentary Leans In Harder Than I Imagined.

Upcoming conference appearances!

If You Have ADHD, These Three Problems Might Be Ruining Your Sleep?

I Just Used AI to File My Equal Opportunity Complaint Against UnitedHealth Group!

A Case for Federal Racketeering Enforcement Against Utah for Anti-trans Hate Crimes?

Cerebral, Etc.: The Guardian Does a Feature Quoting Owen Muir, M.D.

Errors of spelling and grammur are the new black

The Insurgency Will Be Automated: How AI Will Destroy Big Healthcare

Self-Disclosure: Living as Your Authentic Self is Lifesaving Gift

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Healthcare.

How Much Do Neurosurgeons Learn About Adult ADHD?

Leviathan: “We are Proud to Partner With Everything That Is”

A Psychiatrist Copes with Depression After a Miscarriage

An MDs Guide to Super-Charging Your ADHD

You Won’t Believe How Much Procrastination You Can Achieve Just by Reading about Adult ADHD

In Defense of Ted Cruz…

An Open Letter to Everyone Who has Been Nervously Pretending they Know How Medical Imaging Works…

Pandemic Flashback: April 10th, 2020

Are We Telling the Truth About Suicide Prevention?