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Greta Thunberg vs. #smalldickenergy: What Twitter Feuds Can Teach Us About Narcissism

Ending Veteran Suicide: Let’s Rethink This…

Did Elon Musk Just Acquire The North Pole Too?

Twas the Night Before Christmas… and Santa’s Got a Real HR Nightmare on his Hands!

I Can’t Believe I Have to Keep Defending Cerebral

There Was a Tornado Once

31% Of People With OCD Could Be In Remission

Ending Veteran Suicide

Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization Can Be Horrifying

The Time I Almost Set Myself on Fire

“We Made a Mistake”: A Shocking Leak from Amazon HQ! #RingsOfPower #OneMedical

No One Wants to Help Suicidal Kids, and I Was One

How To Handle Thanksgiving Politics Conversations You Can’t Avoid…A Classic Podcast.

Theranos is a Great Investment Opportunity!

Your Ideas Are Worthless? A Manifesto for Creating Intellectual Property Worth a Damn

I Don’t Have OCD! I Just Obsess Constantly in a Way I Cannot Control….

What Is Health Insurance That Is “ERISA Compliant?”

What if You Didn’t Owe That Whole Hospital Bill?

Facebook AI Responds to Crisis Response Post With Tone Deaf Crisis Response:

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An Open Letter to UnitedHealth Group after Declining My Employment Application

Vampires: A Private Equity Cautionary Tale

A Psychiatrist Explains What’s Really Wrong With Kanye West.

Vampires: A Private Equity Cautionary Tale

The Rapid Health Scam Detection Guide

It’s the End of Telehealth as We Know It: Update!

Being Shot With a Gun is Now the Leading Cause of Death for Children in America

An Inconvenient Truth about the Mental Health Crisis.

Toxic Celebrity Culture

Professor Muir’s Application To Teach Organic Chemistry @ NYU

“We Don’t Waste Good Livers”

“I Did Not Want to Be Angry All the Time”: Mental Health Clinicians’ Attitudes Towards Taking Insurance

A New Standard of Care for Severe Depression?

Texas Attorney General runs away from being served with subpoena in abortion enforcement lawsuit…

Hold Me Closer, Robitussin.

Meme Off.

How HIPAA Was Transformed From “The Secret Service” to “The TSA” For Your Privacy

New Hope, for OCD, Is Insurance Covered*, Thanks to This Very Persuasive Newsletter

Don’t Mess With Texas: Defining Gender Affirming Care as “Child Abuse” is a Disaster…for Healthcare

Could Your Depression Be In Remission in 5 Days?

The Devil’s Advocate: Martin Shkreli vs. Mark Cuban

Louboutins are the Best Shoes We Have, Expert Says

How Brains Really Work: Neurons Firing Explained!

Hold Me Closer, Robitussin: is Auvelity (dextromethorphan/bupropion) something new in depression treatment?

The Interim CEO of Mordor, Inc. Has Some Frank Feedback for OneRing Search Leadership

It’s the End of Telehealth as We Know it (and I Feel Fine)*

I Made a Video About The Medical Loss Ratio*

It’s the End of Telehealth as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Insurance Plan Requires More Studies on Parachutes: “Unproven and Experimental”

The Passion of the Medical Loss Ratio: Why Hath Payers Forsaken Mental Health Treatments that Work?

Cerebral: Vastly Exceeding the Standards of Care

Our Son, With the Hottest Take on the Amazon/One Medical $3.9B Deal of Any Six-Year-Old

Amazon Bought into Healthcare with One Medical. Now are We Waiting for Elon?

Will 988 Be a Joke in Your Town?

Can You Cure Depression with this One Weird Trick?

Cerebral: Vastly Exceeding the Standard of Care?

Post Roe Crisis: Mandatory Malpractice Creates Problems for Health Care