Answering crucial questions about office furniture for the future of mental health care.
The Post has always preyed on suffering, but attacking OCD sufferers is disgusting.
Or maybe I just spent too much time with health tech journalism?
Upcoming conference appearances!I’ve got a lot of good conferences coming up, and I’m curious to hear from others what the hot industry events are across healthcare, regulation…
Write this down… or just bookmark the article, because you probably won’t remember where you put the notes.
I could not be more excited to see the future of Compliance made real, days after I predicted it.

January 2023

The practice of medicine without a license is a crime… or worse.
The fall out of Cerebral’s ADHD for Most strategy has been stimulant shortages for all… why that was never going to work
How they Birth of AI will create a Renaissance for bad speller’s, punctuation terrible grammar.
The coming of AI will be the end of unenforced regulations.
Self-Disclosure: Living as Your Authentic Self is Lifesaving GiftListen now (39 min) | Nate Sharon M.D. is a remarkable psychiatrist, but had to transition gender and professional bias to get there.
A bespoke and hand written article about what it’s like to interact with AI.