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The Frontier Psychiatrists is written by Owen Scott Muir, M.D. It’s weird, it’s personal, it’s about healthcare, and it’s not boring. The readership includes C-level Healthcare Executives. So if you want to know what people making decisions read, it’s apparently this.

Your Author, Owen Scott Muir, M.D.

If the book “Consider the Lobster” was essays about healthcare, this is what it would look like. Dr. Muir loves that book!

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Readers Are Saying:

“written in a horribly grating… style I found off-putting.”

—Psychologist, London, U.K.

“Seems to be making a good point…eventually”

—Therapist, London, U.K.

“Wow Owen, just THANK YOU for doing what you do, and for writing about how you came to do this work through your personal experiences with bipolar disorder. We are all so lucky to have you”

—Psychiatrist, San Francisco

“I think you are a brave and selfless person to write as openly and personally as you do in Frontier Psychiatrist.”

—Health Care Executive, NYC

“I think I've been patiently awaiting a citation of an article within the article itself.”

—Health Care Operations Lead, NY

“I am still confused—how you ended up in medicine. Did you have a parent in medicine or grandparent? Just reading through it, why did you not pursue trial law?”

—Physician, Brooklyn, NY

“Your writing style is a blast. The authenticity is definitely there. The activism is cocooned so nicely in analysis and facts that one just gets "activized" without a huge us v them vibe. Because, it's less activism and more fact and empiricism...”

—Substance Use Disorder Specialist, Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve been reading this blog and loving it. Dynamic and captivating writing!”

—Physician, the Internet

“Your writing is always good. Except when it gets so esoteric about the matrix or nfts I can't follow it. But your strongest writing is when you write about suicidal kids.”

—Licensed BA, New York, NY

We Are Off to See The Wizard…

Owen Scott Muir, M.D. is the lead author, an ABPN dual-board certified Child, Adolescent, and General Psychiatrist. He won the NYU Rudin Fellowship’s Master Scholars Grant in the Ethics and Humanities. He’s also an official supervisor in Mentalization-Based Treatment through the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families, in the UK, A Visiting Lecturer at the Pratt School of Design, And has held academic appointments at NYU School of Medicine, Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine, and The Baylor College of Medicine.

Drs. Muir and MacMillan Practice at Fermata.

Academic Credentials!

Owen graduated Magna Cum Laude from Amherst College in 2001, and received his Medical Doctorate from The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he graduated with honor as winner of the Benjamin Rush prize in 2011. He completed general psychiatry residency at the Barbara and David Zucker Hofstra-Northwell SOM program at the Zucker Hillside Hospital, and awarded the Florence Feinstein at graduation in 2015, and Child and Adolescent Fellowship at the NYU School of Medicine program in 2017.

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O. Scott is joined by Carlene MacMillan, M.D., For editing or co-authorship at times, A Harvard Trained Psychiatrist of repute and VP of Clinical Innovation at Osmind. They share both a worldview —and the joy of parenting their two children, Trent and Quinn Muir. Yep, they are Married. Can you imagine?

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The Name

The Frontier Psychiatrist is a song by the Avalanches.


O. Scott Muir, M.D
Dr. Owen Scott Muir is a healthcare innovator and entrepreneur, working across innovative care, payment models, technology, regulatory compliance, and education. VP, Medical Affairs at https://www.first-tracks.health/ but the opinions are my own.
Carlene MacMillan, MD
VP of Clinical Innovation at Osmind. Psychiatric Futurist obsessed with EHRs, breakthrough mental health treatments and getting them paid for.
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